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Bark n' Purr

Dog Boarding


~Sedona, Arizona has exponentially grown over the years, which means our facility has developed right along with it. We offer our clients and their beloved pups special services that cannot be found elsewhere in Sedona.~ 


If you are planning an extended Sedona vacation, or maybe just a day of sightseeing with your family, we give all of our clients an easy option of introducing their furry friend to a vacation of their very own! Our kennel is a unique one, which features both pristine indoor and outdoor facilities. Each dog receives their own spacious indoor run, which then opens up to an even bigger concrete outdoor area. Dogs are only closed in overnight or during severe weather; otherwise, they have all day access to the outdoors!

We do not practice group playtime with the larger dogs, but we do allow small dogs to play together under supervision, depending on which ones play nicely with others and socialize well. Each overnight boarder receives around fifteen minutes of playtime three times per day in one of our three exercise yards. Our grass yards are meticulously maintained, and as you can see, the dogs love them!


Our staff are well-trained to adapt and cater to all breeds of dogs, which means that we do not refuse services to certain dogs that many other facilities have declined to work with in the past. We accept shy dogs, nervous dogs, aggressive dogs, and anything in between. We not only provide a safe, comfortable environment for your dog to stay in, but we also spend extra time working with them to make sure they endure the most positive experience possible while away from home.


We supply Science Diet dry and wet food for our boarding dogs, but we also accommodate anyone whose dog may be on a special diet and cannot consume anything but what their owner provides. We also contribute all of the dog bedding as well as the food bowls and water dishes/buckets. We encourage our clients to supply whatever they feel is necessary to make their dogs feel more at home here (toys, beds, blankets, treats, etc.), but it's never mandatory. 


Our outdoor concrete runs are thoroughly cleaned both morning and afternoon, every day of the week, to ensure the cleanliness of each dog's personal space. Each run is also disinfected after a dog checks out, and set back up in anticipation for any new arrivals we have.  

When you reserve a boarding space for your dog, this means your dog will receive its own personal indoor/outdoor run. If you have multiple dogs and would like them to be separated, we can accommodate this preference just as easily as keeping your dogs together. We offer three different sizes of runs for dogs, as can be seen below. The sizes include small, medium, and large.

All floors are heated during the winter; the heat radiated from the concrete flooring will be absorbed by your dog's bedding, giving your pup an extra cozy vacation away from home!

Small Run (Inside):


Small Run (Outside):


Medium Run (Inside):

Medium Run (Outside):


Large Run (Inside):


Large Run (Outside):


We offer public tours of our facility at any time during our open hours, so feel free to stop on by anytime if you'd like to see kennel and meet our wonderful staff. Before you think of setting up a boarding reservation for your dog, make sure he/she is up to date on its vaccinations and be ready to either have your vet fax the paperwork over, or to bring the paperwork in yourself. We require updated bordetella, distemper, and rabies so that we can ensure the state of each dog's well-being and health. 

Please keep in mind that all of our boarding prices are subject to change at any time. You can call our office number at (928)-282-4108 to check our current boarding prices for your particular size of dog(s).

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