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~Sedona's number one grooming choice by locals and travelers abroad. We take pride in producing nothing but quality here at Bark n' Purr!~


Our grooming services are absolutely second to none, with over four decades of professional expertise grooming all breeds of dogs and cats. We have two main groomers and several bathers, all of which are constantly undergoing extensive training in regards to quality and the safe handling of every animal in our care. 


Every grooming process begins with communicating with the dog's owner in regards to what they want their dog to look like. We keep detailed records of what we accomplished with each grooming so that it is easy for us to access and change your file, depending on what each client's preference is. Every groom, whether it be a full clip or just a brush-and-bath, includes a nail trimming, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression.

Nail Trimming:


Each grooming process includes a full nail trim, which means we clip the nails on every dog as short as we can possibly get them without making the dog bleed, which will happen if we cut into the quick. Please keep in mind that all dogs are different and, depending on how often you have the nails on your dogs trimmed, sometimes we can only take the very end of the nail off without cutting into the quick because the quicks do grow over time when the nails are left long. We do also offer the option of what we call a dremel which can be taken to the nails after we trim them; this is usually only done on dogs who have a tendency to jump on and/or scratch their owners. The dremel grinds down any sharp edges and leaves the resulting nail soft, round, and smooth. (Note: The dremel option does cost an extra $5.00)

Ear Cleaning:


After we clip the dog's nails, we inspect the state of the ears and also thoroughly clean them. We do pluck the hair which is growing from inside the ear canal, unless otherwise told by the owner. (Removing the hair from inside the ear canal is a quick plucking process which decreases the chance of your dog possibly developing ear infections from moisture gathering onto the clumps of hair in the ear canal) We also make sure to keep important notations in regards to the state of the dog's ears. We inform the owner of any infections or abnormalities that we might notice while cleaning the ears. We use a soothing ear cleaning solution that contains witch hazel, aloe vera, tea tree oil, and chamomile extract. 


Brushing and Bathing:



Before any dog is moved to the tub area to be bathed, we make sure the dog is fully brushed out and free of any mats or tangles. Keeping in mind that all breeds and dogs are different, with varying coat types, we use our brushing methods accordingly. Some breeds, especially doodles and dogs deemed as non-shedding like poodles and maltese dogs, will come to us in such matted conditions that the only reasonable thing to do is to shave underneath the mats and relieve the dog of its uncomfortable state. Although successfully brushing out a matted dog is possible, we like to keep those cases few and far between for the dog's sanity and well-being. It is not fair to any dog to force it to withstand hours of brushing for a certain look the owner wants to achieve.
A thorough brush-out is crucial to the turn-out of a quality grooming. If the dog is not completely brushed-out, with all dead and loose coat removed, the shampoo cannot perform its job as effectively and will also inhibit the dog's natural cooling and heating process. 


Every dog is bathed with warm water and fully washed with one (or a mixture of many) of our highest quality shampoos and conditioners. We also can use any special vet-prescribed shampoo or maybe a shampoo from home or the pet store that you would like us to use on your dog. Before towel-drying and moving the dog to our drying room, they are rinsed repeatedly and checked to make sure that they are squeaky clean with no trace amounts of leftover shampoo. Depending on what kind of shampoo that has been used, and the skin/hair condition of the dog, sometimes the dog may soak from five to ten minutes before being rinsed.

(If we happen to find ticks or fleas on your dog during the grooming process, we will call to inform you and then use our special tick and flea shampoo at $10.00 extra per dog. This shampoo is very safe for your dog and will kill all existing ticks and/or fleas on your dog, while continuing to repel anymore of them they may encounter for up to two weeks)




Our drying room was designed especially for drying dogs, with two drying tables and two high velocity hand dryers. We also have cage dryers for the breeds of dogs who do not require hand drying. The cage dryers are set on low heat at all times, and the room is fitted with a brand new air conditioner that stays on sixty-seven degrees during grooming. This means your dog can dry comfortably without worries! Once your dog is ready to be fully dried and finished, any excess loose hair or undercoat is blown out with the hand dryer and your dog is once again fully brushed at the end.

Our hand dryers are built with adjustable knobs so that it is easy for us to turn the blower down low, medium, or high depending on what dog we are drying. Puppies who are usually afraid of the hand dryers, or perhaps a dog who may have been scared by the dryer in the past, can benefit from how flexible the settings on our hand dryers are. 




We take pride in our finished grooming products here at Bark n' Purr; everything from the beginning to the end of each dog's grooming process is executed with the utmost care with a very professional flair. Each finishing trim-up or full clip is customized to what you want, or what you think is best for your dog. We want to give you the best-looking dog in town!


                                    ~Grooming Gallery~

Don't forget to check out our fun grooming gallery below!

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